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"You don’t have to go to the ends of the world for adventure," says Grylls.

"We live in an incredible country with great wilderness.

I’m an honorary colonel to the Royal Marine Commandos now and I’m down at the commando training centre at Lympstone a lot, and I see soldiers diving over walls and carrying their buddies over their shoulders, sprinting, rolling, moving.

What we do is definitely inspired by that, and also by the wilderness – a lot of crabs, crawls, leopard and panther stuff.

"I wasn’t able to do huge weights but over the months I was getting leaner, stronger and more flexible," says Grylls. I only run occasionally these days but the strange thing is, I’m much better at it than I used to be.

My heart and lungs are so much bigger because we do so much high-intensity stuff. And I still get that 'shaking muscles' feeling a day later – I used to have to train for three hours to get that.

He failed his first try at SAS selection – too slow on one of the marches through the Brecon Beacons – but was invited back and made it second time around.Bear Grylls has been getting things done for most of his life.He is a successful businessman, a best-selling author, the UK’s Chief Scout and one of the most recognisable TV stars in the world."I cooked last night, actually – got back from filming in the mountains for three days and said, 'right, I’m cooking'.

I did a big spaghetti bolognese made out of buffalo mince with buckwheat pasta – non-wheat but it’s great, really healthy, delicious stuff – and then I made a big chocolate mousse with raw cocoa, maple syrup and coconut oil and an egg." Perhaps inevitably, Grylls has a nutrition book due out next summer.

That’s the reason these gyms have exploded so quickly." And that, as Grylls gives out handshakes and prepares to head off, seems to be the point.